*Narrator’s P.O.V*

It had been a while since you and your boyfriend, Niall, had spent some quality time together. He had always been busy with his interviews and tours. You couldn’t wait to cuddle up in his arms again.

It was a Halloween, and that night, you two decided to watch some scary movies in your house. Knowing that your parents were out of town for 3 days, it was the perfect time for you two to bond intimately.

You decided to wear something comfortable. (x) Suddenly, your phone rang.

*ring           ring                 ring*

"Niall!" you answered excitedly.

"Hey, Nani, baby. I’ve missed you a lot."

"I miss you more, baby." 

"Are you all set for tonight, yeah?" he laughed.

"Mhmm!" you bit your lip as you said the words.

"I can’t wait til I’ll hold you in my arms again."

"Me, too, baby.."

"I’ll be there in a sec!" 

"Okay, baby, I’ll be wai—" Before you could continue, you felt someone’s arms wrap around your waist. You had goosebumps at first, but as you turned to face who it was, you felt a small tingle in your stomach. It was Niall. "Baby! You scared me!" A tear started to stream down your face. "Whoa, whoa, baby.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to— I just wanted to surprise you." he wiped the tear and cupped your face with his warm hands. "Geez! You do know that I get scared easily, right?" 

You turned away from him, pretending you were still mad at him. “Look— I’m sorry.. I—” You tried to hold back your laughter. “Pff- Hahahahaha! Wow, I guess my acting skills are improving!” You laughed. “Ahh, baby! You got me!” Niall chuckled. You stuck your tongue out. “Haha! Gotcha!” Niall tickled you in your weak spot. He laughed as he watched you run away from him. “Niall! Stop that!” You giggled. You ran faster this time. But in the end, he still caught you. He grabbed you in the arm and he pinned you to the bed. He tickled you once more. You couldn’t stop laughing! “Baby! S-s-stop t-that! Hahahaha!” Niall stopped and you were out of breath. He was still on top of you. “Niall, don’t ever do that again!” You pinched his nose. Before you knew it, the laughter between you two slowly faded away. He rested his forehead on yours and you could feel his sweet breath on your lips. Before you knew it, Niall kissed you ever so gently. “I missed us.” he whispered as he kissed you, rougher this time. “Me too,” you replied. Niall stopped. He then placed his head under your loose shirt and he started to lick your stomach. This made your body tingle and you let out a soft moan, “Mmm..baby..” Just when he was about to go lower, you stopped him. “Baby. Wait. It’s a bit too early for this. We haven’t even watched the movie yet.” You giggled. “Oh right. Sorry about that.” He smiled. He lay down beside you and you turned to your side to face him. “How did you get in here so quick, by the way?” you asked. “Uh. Your window’s open.” he pointed and laughed. “Oh.. but you could have just entered through the door, you know. My parents aren’t here, remember?” “Nah, I wanted to make a grand entrance.” You both laughed. 

*Niall’s POV*

"Oh my god!" she screamed as she cuddle up into my arms. "Don’t be scared, it’s just a movie, Nani." I laughed a bit. "But still.. I’m scared, baby." I wrapped my arms around her tightly, making her feel secure and safe. Damn, she smelled good. I stroked her hair gently as she covered her eyes in fear. Just the thought of her in my arms, made my bulge stiffen a bit. But I needed to control myself. "Ahhhh!" She squealed. "Hey baby, maybe we should stop this? I wouldn’t want you to have nightmares tonight." She nodded gently. I stopped the movie and sat down beside her again. "Ugh, I regret watching that movie." She groaned. I had to admit, she looks really cute when she’s all scared. I didn’t know what came to me but just had the sudden urge to do something to hear. I wanted to make her feel special that night. "We should do something else." I said cheekily. "Oh yeah? Like what?" She asked.

*Narrator’s P.O.V*

"I’m hungry." Niall mumbled. "You always are." You laughed. "Just wait for a sec, and I’ll go grab some food," As you stood up, you felt a slight tug from you shirt. "Not that kind of hungry." He grinned. "Then what?" you asked, smiling. And then he gave you this cheeky look:

You understood where he was going with this. You sat down on his lap and whispered, “Um. Okay.” You licked your lips seductively. You could feel his bulge getting hard. “So, what would you like to order, hungry Niall?” You winked. “One order of fresh pussy please.” Niall said, in his sexy voice. This made you really horny and wet. “Come and get it!” You quickly ran upstairs to your room. Niall pushed you to your bed. You kissed and he bit your lip gently. “Mm-mm-mm.” He whispered. As you two continued to make out, you tugged his shirt upwards, signaling him to take his shirt off. He played with the garter of your PJ’s and he started to tease you. “Please just take it off already! Uhh!” You moaned. He did so and he bit his lips as he examined your curves. He placed his warm hands in between you thighs, and he they were heading towards your wet pussy. He stuck in his 2 fingers and played with your clit. “Uhhh, oh god..” You let out a soft moan. “Now for the main dish,” Niall pull out his fingers from your pussy and he started to eat you out. You could feel his slimy tongue inside of you. You couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. “Holy shi—- uh.. uh.”

Now, it was your turn to be in control. You flipped yourself so you would be on top of Niall. You grabbed his dick and you started to lick the tip of its head playfully. “Oh yeah, that’s my baby..” He grab hold of your hair as you stuck his whole dick into your mouth. “Jeezus Niall, it’s huge!” He let out a loud moan. Just hearing Niall’s moans made you even hornier. 

Niall was on top of you now, making sure he was in control again. He kissed your neck, leaving small love bites.

He slowly went down to your chest, then down to your breasts. He sucked your erected nipples while massaged your other breast. “Unnff-” you moaned wildly. You and Niall were like making love endlessly. His dick was heading towards your wet pussy. Just when he was about to greet them, he stopped. “Nalani.. should I stop here?” He asked. “N-No..” You made it sound like a whisper. “I want to give myself to you tonight, Niall..” Niall smiled. “This is going to hurt a bit.” He slowly but surely stuck his huge dick into your tight pussy. “Ughhh! Oh my—” You screamed. “Faster Niall, faster..” Niall went faster and harder. It hurt at first, but after a while, you felt like you were in heaven. He thrusted harder and deeper until his whole dick was inside of you. “Ahhhhhhh. Niaaaaaaaaall!” You moaned loudly. You were reaching your orgasm. “Baby.. I’m about to c-cum..” You screamed. “M-me too baby.” Niall gave you a deep thrust and you could feel his warm juices in you. Damn, it felt so fucking good, you thought. Niall kissed you one more time and he fell back beside you. Both of you didn’t say anything. You just looked at each other and smiled. Finally, Niall whispered:

"No, I love you more." You replied with a smile.

"No, I love you most!" 

"No, I love you more than most!" You laughed.

"Gah! Whatever, I love you." You both laughed and Niall kissed you one last time until both of you drifted to sleep.

- Sorry if I took so long :) x Enjoy xx

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