"Baby.." Niall whispered to your ear. "C’mon, stop ignoring me." You turned to face Niall. "What?" You said dryly.

"Look, I’m sorry.. I love you, Hannah." Niall did his puppy dog eyes as he said this to you. You couldn’t help but smile a bit.

"I love you too, baby." You smiled.

"I’m gonna have to make this up to you tonight." Niall said.

Your boyfriend, Niall, was going to leave for a concert tour tomorrow. He was always busy and you two didn’t really spend that much time together for the past few days.

"Hm, okay. How about we eat all night to our stomach’s content? I’ll cook for you." You smiled.

You knew how much Niall loved to eat.

"Alright! Let’s do this!" Niall said in a sexy Irish tone.

"But baby, I have no idea what to cook for you.."

Niall then jumped on the sofa. “Hm, how about we watch the Food Network? Maybe we’ll get some ideas there.” He suggested.

"Good idea, baby!" You giggled.

You sat down beside Niall and turned on the T.V. You two were quiet as you watched the Food Network. Eventually, you started getting drowsy. You then placed your head on Niall’s lap.

"Grrrrrr," You heard Niall’s stomach grumble. "Darn, all this food is making me really hungry."

You laughed. “Alright, I’ll start cooking now.” You said as you stood up.

Niall quickly followed you to the kitchen. “You remember the ingredients, right?” Niall asked. “Uhuh.” You then grabbed some flour, whipped cream and chocolate syrup from the kitchen closet.

After you got all the ingredients, you then started to bake. Niall was just there looking at you while you did so.

"Grrrrr," you hear Niall’s stomach grumble again. "I’m almost done, baby." You chuckled.

You then placed the cake you made inside the oven. After fifteen minutes, it was ready. Unfortunately, when you opened the oven, the cake exploded and chocolate was all over your face.

"Oh my god!" You screamed. Niall laughed so hard that he rolled over on the floor. "Baby! I’m so sorry. I’m such a failure." You sighed.

Niall continued to laugh. “No you’re not, baby. We can still eat the cake, you know.”

"How? It’s all messed up." You said.

"Easy." Niall then licked the chocolate excess on your face. "See?" He smiled cheekily.

"Ew! That’s just gross baby!" You said, even though both of you knew that you liked what he did.

"You know what’s a good idea?"

"What?" You asked.

"Eating my two most favorite things in the world." He winked.

"And what are they?"

Niall then placed some chocolate syrup all over you. He pinned you to the kitchen table and said, “Chocolate plus Hannah.”

Hearing this made your insides tingle. “Niall I’m full of chocolate!” You laughed.

"Let me lick you clean, then." He winked.

"Please do." You said.

Niall pulled your shirt up, exposing your stomach. He then started to lick it clean. “Ohhh—” You moaned softly as you held his hair.

Eventually, he went lower. You could feel your pussy throb as his mouth was going closer to it. He then pulled your skimpy shorts down leaving you with your panties.

"What are you gonna do, baby?" You asked, pretending you didn’t know what he would do next.

"Watch." Niall chuckled.

Before you knew it, Niall had already taken off your panties. You could feel his warm breath on your pussy. This alone, made you wet. He teased you first by licking your flawless thighs. He then started to lick the lips of your wet pussy.

Finally, you couldn’t take it anymore. “JUST EAT ME ALREADY NIALL UHHHH” You moaned loudly.

In a second, Niall stuck his tongue inside your wet pussy. He licked your clit vigorously, making you moan wildly.

"UH UH UH FASTER BABY FASTER DEEPER TOO" You moaned as you grab hold of his hair tightly. Niall dug his tongue deeper into your pussy. He moved his tongue faster and faster, making you go completely wild.

"OHHHHHHHHH MY GOD BAAAABYYYYY" You scream in delight.

Before you could reach an orgasm, Niall stopped. “Let’s continue this upstairs.” Niall said as he carried you to your room.

You and Niall had sex the whole night. You two were very much enjoying this.

During an interview, Niall was asked how he had spent his last night with his girlfriend before he’d go on tour.

Niall: Well, I ate her out—I mean, we ate some cake. Niall laughed cheekily.

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