(In this imagine, you pretend that you’re sleeping and Niall takes advantage of it and he has sex with you.)

That night, you heard footsteps entering your room. You got scared. You didn’t know who it was. You felt someone sit at the end of your bed. You opened your eyes a little bit, just enough for you to see who it was. You were relieved to see that it was only Niall. Niall then caressed your legs gently, slowly going up to your thighs. You felt your whole body tingle in pleasure as he did this.

You kept your eyes closed, pretending that you were still fast asleep.

You could feel Niall’s weight on the bed as he slowly got on it. He was on top of you now. You tried to look unconscious as possible.

He continued to caress your thighs, his hands slowly going up to your stomach. You lay there feeling horny and helpless as he did this to you.

He went under your shirt and licked your stomach ever so lustfully. You had the sudden urge to moan, but you had to hold it in. He might notice that you’re already awake. Niall then went up to your neck, and he started to suck it, leaving small love bites.

“(y/n), you’re so beautiful..” He whispered to your ear as he traced your jaw line with his warm lips.

Niall slowly went back down to your thighs. You could feel his warm breath touching your skin. When he reached your thighs, he pulled down your shorts effortlessly. You were left with your panties. He started to play with the garter of your panties, before he completely removed them.

When he finally did, he threw your panties on the floor. He spread your legs and he placed his head underneath your throbbing pussy. Before you knew it, he had already stuck his tongue inside of you. He started to eat you out. You could feel his warm and slimy tongue teasing your clit. You bit your lip as he ate you out. You felt like you were going to burst out with a moan any second now.

He started going faster and faster, his tongue licking ever corner of your pussy. You bit your lip harder this time, holding back your moan.

You still kept your eyes closed.

Just then, he stood up and pulled his pants down. Niall ripped your shirt afterwards. Now, both of your clothes were all over the floor.

He went back on top of you and he rubbed his bulge on your pussy.

You wanted him to fuck you so bad, but you just couldn’t tell him.

You could feel the lustful excitement as he rubbed his dick on your tight pussy. Before he could stuck his dick inside of you, he went back up to your chest and he started to suck your erect nipples. You rolled you eyes to the back of your head as he continues to nibble. He stuck three fingers into your pussy as he sucked and licked your breasts.

“Fuck it.” You thought to yourself as you tried to hold back your moan.

Within a few minutes, Niall pushed his huge dick into you. He was slow at first, but eventually, he went faster and deeper. You grab hold of the bed sheets as he pushed harder. You bit your tongue, so you wouldn’t let out a moan.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” You said in your mind.

This wouldn’t be considered as rape since you didn’t stop Niall from taking advantage of you. As a matter of fact, you were enjoying it. Oh yes, it was still sex.

Niall’s pace became faster. You could feel his sweat dripping on your naked body.

“(y/n)..” He moaned your name.

“(y/n)..(y/n)..(y/n)!” He repeated.

Just hearing Niall moan your name, made you wet and horny. You felt Niall’s warm juices as he pumped deeper into you. You felt like you were about to reach the climax. Niall did so, too. As Niall gave his one last thrust, you could feel the bed shake as he did so.

Finally, Niall pulled away, and he panted as he lay down beside you.

Eventually, you opened your eyes, pretending that you had just woken up. “Baby..”

“Yes, baby?” Niall said, covering his naked body with a blanket.

“Why is the bed wet?” You ask him innocently.

Niall smiled cheekily and he said, “Oh, nothing. I just had some wet dreams.”

You laughed, pretending you didn’t know what just happened. But deep inside, you wanted more, so you said, “Oh. You better clean that up because I’m going to sleep again.” You said.

“Okay, baby.”

Before you knew it, Niall fucked you for the second time, while you were pretending to be asleep for the second time as well.

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